Commercial solar package

Off-grid Solution

The COMMERCIAL Off-grid Package is a peace of mind Solar Hybrid System for off-grid locations with larger electricity demands such as resorts, islands or agriculture. It comes into play when the power demand requires a three-phase 120/240VAC or 120/208VAC solution.

This “village style” solar system is centrally located and can supply multiple structures up to 1500 ft away from the power source. Even complex energy supply solutions are quite easy to implement.

The data communication devices coming with this system allow your maintenance crew or SESB to monitor your solar systems’ performance online.

Pure sine wave
Lead acid/Gel/AGM
Auto-Start Diesel
12 – 48 kW 18 – 72 kW 2388 Ah up 22 kW up 50 – 200 kWh/day
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Is your place still running 24/7 on generator and the enormous costs for fuel are straining your daily budget?

Then it may be time to find out if your location is suitable for a Solar Hybrid System that brings the following advantages:

  • Solar power during the day
  • Battery power during the night
  • Generator power as support when needed
  • Reducing fuel up to 80%
  • Pay back possible in as little as 3.5 years
  • Runs multiple heavy loads such as air conditioners, water makers, big pumps etc
  • Advantage when applying for Eco-Certifications


  • kWh Solar:        BZD 0.45
  • kWh Diesel:      BZD 2.25

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