Grid-Tie Solar for Self-Consumption

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SMA Solar Off-grid Village:

A grid-connected solar photovoltaic system goes by several other names, including on-grid and grid-tie systems. The basic set-up of a grid-connected solar PV system involves solar panels that are linked to the local electric utility grid.


The on-grid solar system components function together in an intricate design to collect and distribute clean, renewable energy. It starts with the solar panels that collect sunlight and convert it into an electrical current. The electricity that these panels produce is direct current (DC) energy, but since your home and the grid function on alternating current (AC) energy, the raw solar energy needs to be converted.


For that, the PV system relies on an grid-tied inverter, which is one of the most important components in your PV system. The inverter will convert the DC energy to AC energy, which can then be used inside your home and or be safely sent to the local utility grid. From there, the electricity travels via your home’s normal wiring through the AC breaker panel.


Efforts are being made by the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology and Public Utilities  MESTPU to regulate grid-connected solar systems in the near future. So far however, it is only possible to have an on-grid solar system installed for self-consumption during the day.


At night and during times when your solar system doesn’t make enough energy for your home, you can draw power from the local utility grid. As a result, most grid-connected solar systems do not include a battery since all of the energy is consumed as it is produced.


Currently, there is no compensation for excess solar power flowing back to the grid.


There are three constraints that you must comply with – see MESTPU website

  1. The installed capacity of the panels must be less than 75 kW
  2. The panels can only be used for self-production (at present, you cannot use the panels to supply your neighbours or sell electricity to the grid)
  3. You must obtain consent from the Public Utilities Commission. This consent is to make sure that the equipment is installed and operated in a way that is safe for people and the equipment.


Pure sine wave

**does not include mileage or 12.5% GST
** prices are subject to change without notice
3 kW SMA Sunny Boy 14 kWh/ day BZD 14,990
6 kW SMA Sunny Boy 28 kWh/day BZD 29,390
12 kW SMA Sunny Boy 56 kWh/day BZD 54,990