Service pack


The effectiveness and life expectancy of a Photovoltaic facility depends directly on professional maintenance. SESB offering a high quality system maintenance package.

The SESB Maintenance Subscription plan is available for a bundle of 10 visits.

Services provided:

Solar Panels:

  • Check panels and connections
  • Adjust mounting system if needed
  • Check power output

Inverter / Charge Controller:

  • Check connections and clean if necessary
  • Check & clean cooling system and fan
  • Generate data report for SMA systems


  • Check and retighten all connections
  • Clean connections and poles if needed
  • Check and top-up electrolytes
  • Monitor and register specific weight of all battery cells


  • Check running hours and fuel & oil levels & generator connection and generator output.
  • Notify system owner if action such as oil change or filter change is required. (Note that the oil and filter change are not included)
  • Notify GENERAC technician and arrange for generator servicing when it is due.

(Note, that costs for generator service by GENERAC technician is not included and will be billed separately)


Bundle of 10 visits Every 4-6 weeks BZD 700 + 12.5% GST**

** rates do not include mileage and are subject to change without notice



SESB keeps an eye on your system

For our RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL and GRIE-TIE PACKAGE solar systems, we now offer remote online data monitoring on a daily basis!

Services provided:


  • Provide online platform for self monitoring
  • Daily remote monitoring at SESB headquarters
  • Inform solar system owner of any issues detected
  • Internet top-up for SESB provided internet devices
  • System history report
Solar System Monitoring

Monday – Friday

1 Year BZD 300 + 12.5% GST**

** rates do not include mileage and are subject to change without notice

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