The Cabin Package sets a new level of performance, value and flexibility for power systems in remote off-the-grid areas. It comes as a complete turn-key solution including solar hardware, generator and installation.

The Cabin Package is ideal for smaller power applications and brings the luxury of clean power to cabins, homes, remote communication sites and back-up power systems. It accommodates all essential protective devices in the smallest system footprint possible. The fast and easy mounting allows a system installation in the most cost-effective manner.

Image Solar Panels

Solar Panels


Image Image of Inverter


Pure sine wave
2.5 - 3.6kW

Image Image of battery


Lead acid/Gel/AGM
370 Ah up

Image Image of generator


Manual Start/gasoline
3 - 7kW

Image Performance icon


4 - 16kWh/day

Tell us what you envision and we design the right size system for you.


The Cabin Package is powering the following

Please note, that these are only imaginary scenarios in order to provide an idea of the amount of power produced by the solar systems. Each project is unique and your ideas will be factored into a personalized quotation.

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2kW Cabin Package
3kW Cabin Package
4kW Cabin Package

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