Living off the grid has never been more comfortable!

The RESIDENTIAL Package is ideal for 120/240VAC split-phase applications with larger sized power requirements, such as large residential, vacation rentals or a small Eco-Lodge.

  • Do you feel like starting the washer because the laundry is piling up?
  • Or are you trying to find sleep but it's simply too hot without AC?

Just start it!

Your solar system will decide on it's own, if there is enough solar power on hand or if it needs some assistance from the self-starting generator.

The optional data communication devices coming with this system allow you to monitor your solar systems' performance either from home, from work, from vacation or it also gives you the option of contracting SESB for remote monitoring.

If the family or business is growing in the future, this system allows a modular expansion at a later time on the solar input side as well as the on the inverter out-put by adding more panels and inverters.

Image Solar Panels

Solar Panels


Image Image of Inverter


Pure sine wave
6-24 kW

Image Image of battery


Lead acid/Gel/AGM
582 Ah up

Image Image of generator


Auto Start/ LP gas
8-22 kW

Image Performance icon


13-45 kWh/ day

Tell us what you envision and we design the right size system for you.

3kW Residential Package
4kW residential Package
6kW Residential Package
10kW Residential Package

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